• Implementation of TradeFinOps


  • Cloud Consulting
  • Carry out in-depth analysis of the business processes 
    • Identify areas of Business where optimization and efficiency improvement is possible
    • Identify Clusters of Business processes which could be moved to the CLOUD
    • Evaluate  and identify potential Cost Savings
  • Assist companies in formulating short and long term strategies to migrate to CLOUD and thereby enhance productivity and efficiency
  • Assist companies in formulating Transitional Strategy to ensure uninterrupted system transitioning  
  • Carry out end to end Turnkey Projects to set up public, private or hybrid cloud architecture
  • Provide training to the organizations technical staff on maintaining CLOUD infrastructure and related applications  
  "cloud" vs "on premise"

"cloud" vs "on premise" : Cost Aspect

"cloud" vs "on premise" : Case Study

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